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Training Institute Faculty (All Centers)


  • Shri Ch. Venkateswara Rao, Deputy Director General, Head, Mission V
  • Shri Biswajit Gangopadhyay, Deputy Director General, RTDs & FTCs

Technical Co-ordination Division

  • Dr. Taraknath Pal, Director (Geology)
  • Dr. V. Balachandrudu, Senior Geologist
  • Dr. Arijit Barik, Senior Geologist

Planning and Programming Division

  • Dr. Bibhas Sen, Director (Geology)

Centre For Geoinformation Management Training (CGMT)

  • Shri R. Balaji, Director (Geology)
  • Smt. Nidhi Misra, Senior Geologist
  • Shri Amrit Chandan Patra, Senior Geologist

Petrology Division

  • Dr. Santanu Bhattacharjee, Director (Geology)
  • Dr. Vikas Tripathy, Senior Geologist

Photogeology And Remote Sensing Division

  • Dr. Nisha Rani, Supdt. Geologist
  • Shri Anoop V. M., Senior Geologist

Geophysics Division

  • Shri Rajeev Ranjan Singh, Supdt. Geophysicist
  • Shri Lakshmana Muddineni, Senior Geophysicist

Chemistry Division

  • Shri P V V R Sarma, Senior Chemist
  • Dr. J. S. Bhargav, Senior Chemist

Engineering Division

National Center for Mineral Targetting (NCMT)

  • Dr. S. Ravi, Director (Geology)
  • Shri Harish Mistry, Senior Geologist
  • Dr. S. Bangaru Babu, Senior Geophysicist


Southern Region(RTD SR), Hyderabad

  • Shri Biplab Kumar Chakraborty, Director (Geology)
  • Shri Madhusudhan D. G., Senior Geologist

FTC Chitradurga

  • Dr. Mohamed Shareef, Supdt. Geologist
  • Shri Laxmi Nandan Deori, Senior Geologist

Western Region (RTD-FTC, Jaipur-Zawar)

  • Shri Amit Srivastava, Supdt. Geologist
  • Shri Soumya Jyoti Brahma, Senior Geologist
  • Shri Sanjoy Debnath, Senior Geologist
  • Dr. Gyanesh Lashkari, Senior Geophysicist

Northern Region (RTD NR), Lucknow

  • Shri Alok Chandra Pande, Director (Geology)
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Awasthi, Senior Geologist
  • Shri Shruti Ranjan Mishra, Senior Geologist

Central Region (RTD CR), Nagpur

  • Dr. M. L. Dora, Director (Geology) )
  • Shri Pankaj P. Vaidya, Senior Geologist

FTC Raipur

  • Shri Yogesh Pandey, Director (Geology), (Addl. Charge)
  • Shri Ramesh Babu Jalem, Senior Geologist

Eastern Region (RTD ER), Kolkata

  • Shri Sujit Kumar Tripathy, Director (Geology)
  • Dr. Baniranjan Mishra, Senior Geologist
  • Dr. Arindam Dutta, Senior Geologist

FTC Kuju

  • Shri Niraj Jaiswal, Director (Geology), (Addl. Charge)
  • Dr. Omnath Saha, Senior Geologist
  • Shri Shyam Sundar Singh, Senior Geologist

North Eastern Region (RTD NER), Shillong

  • Dr. Bashab N. Mahanta, Supdt. Geologist
  • Dr. Ningthoujam Surdas Singh, Senior Geologist
  • Shri D. Vincent Whuorie, Senior Geologist
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