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Landslide Incidences for the period 2019 Back to Lanslide Hazard

  • Landslide at Amiya Nagar, Chandmari and Nilachalpur Bezbzruah Nagar, Guwahati, Assam (10th & 16th July 2019)
    Due to heavy rainfall from 10th to 17th July, 2019, two landslides occurred at Amiya Nagar, Chandmari and at Nilachalpur Bezbaruah Nagar, Guwahati, Assam. On 10th July 2019, a part of the road along with the retaining wall collapsed, along the approach road to the hills, near Holy Child School, Chandmari and on 16th July 2019 a boundary wall collapsed at Nilachalpur, Bezbaruah Nagar (N 26° 09' 29.0'' & E 91° 42' 45.3'') and damaged a house.

  • Landslide at Katahbari, Kamrup (M) District (10th July 2019)
    Incessant rain caused landslide at Katahbari (N 26° 07' 5.4" & E 91° 42' 47.9") and buried one house. The landslide occurred in the cut slope in the formation of the house. The area has very thick overburden material consisting of in-situ soil and highly weathered rock.

  • Landslide at Matia Pahar , Kamrup (M) District (10th July 2019)
    Due to heavy rainfall, rockslide occurred at Matia Pahar (N 26° 06' 21.3" & E 91° 37' 22.2")., about 20km away from Guwahati city injuring one and affecting five persons.

  • Landslide at BSUP Complex, Durtlang Leitan, Durtlang, Aizawl District, Aizawl (02nd July 2019)
    Due to continues rainfall for an week, debris slide, at BSUP Complex (N 23° 46′ 19.4″ & E 92° 44′ 37.5″), 20kms NNE of Aizawl, occurred killing three persons and injuring nine. Three pucca residential blocks of the top row of the BSUP Complex were severely damaged by the rock blocks and debris from the landslide, hitting the ground floor of the buildings from rear side. It resulted in severe damage and trapped the residents living in affected apartments. 18 families were evacuated from the housing complex.

  • Landslide at Siang, East District, Sikkim (June 2019)
    The Siang rock slide occurred approximately at a distance of 20kms from Gangtok on the Gangtok-Rangpo-Siliguri National Highway-31 (N 27° 15’ 0.9’’ & E 88° 31’ 52.9”, SOI Toposheet No. 78A/11). The boulders from the landslide blocked the road disrupting traffic.

  • Landslide at Zhekhise, Dimapur District, Nagaland (9th May 2019)
    On 9th May 2019, a landslide occurred in the river bank of the NE flowing Rengma River. The continuous rainfall in the preceding few days, because of Cyclone Fani, triggered the slide and erosion on the banks led to collapse of road.

  • Landslide at Palzor stadium road, near Tamang monastery, Gangtok, East District, Sikkim (23rd April 2019)
    On 23rd April 2019, a shallow debris slide occurred at a location (N 27° 20’ 17.7” & E 88° 36’32.8’’), caused due to modification of the slope in the construction of a house. The slope failed because of oversaturation during the rainy season. It is a shallow translational slide having depth of failure surface at nearly 5m and is of 25m width and 40m length.

  • Landslide on Gangtok-Mangan road (Kabi-II) approximately 10km NW of Gangtok (31st March 2019)
    Incessant rain fall caused rock slide (N 27° 22’ 51.88” & E 88° 38’ 26.28”) along Gangtok-Mangan road disrupting the vehicular traffic along the road connecting Gangtok city to North Sikkim.

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