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Isotope Ratio Mass SpectrometerGeochronology & Isotope Geology Studies

The Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer in the Stable Isotope Laboratory of PPOD, Bangalore is of the make SerCon Ltd., U.K. and model GEO 20-20.
This instrument consists of (1) an Inlet System, which is of two types Dual-Inlet and Continuous Flow,
(2) an Ion Source, which is an electron impact ion production system using a W filament,
(3) a Mass Analyzer which uses a Magnetic Sector for mass separation and (4) a Collector Array with a triple Faraday cup assembly.
The instrument is attached online with four different peripheral systems for sample preparation and handling viz.,
  1. CAPS – Carbonate Automated Preparation System
  2. WES – Water Equilibration System
  3. ANCA-GSL – Automated Nitrogen Carbon Analysis for Gases, Solids and Liquids
  4. WECS – Water Equilibration and Carbonate-Acid reaction System.
The entire system along with its peripherals is kept evacuated using pumping system consisting of several Rotary and Turbo Molecular Pumps.
Isotope mass spectrometer

Standard Operating Procedure


  • Separation of pure fractions of carbonates and sulphides from rock/fossil/ore fragments through magnetic/ isodynamic separator and hand picking under binocular microscopes.
  • Determination of "Clttc and "O/tuO isotope ratios of carbonates from carbonatites, sedimentary carbonates, and calcareous fossils for paleoclimatic and paleogeographical interpretation and sou rce characte ristics of ca rbon ( mantle/sed i menta ry/ biogen ic)
  • Determination of 'oS/"S isotope ratios of sulphide and barium sulphate for volcanogenic,
  • hydrothermal or biogenic modelling of ore deposits
  • Existing Locations:

    • NCEGR Bengaluru

      Additional Director General
      National Mission Head-IV
      Central Headquater
      Geological Survey of India
      15 A & B Kyd Street
      Fax- 033-22861716
      Email- hodm4@gsi.gov.in
    For any feedback or issues, please write to ocbis.helpdesk@gsi.gov.in or call IP Phone 10013/10014, BSNL 033-2357-1775
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