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Educational videos on Engineering Geology

Sl.No Title of Video URL
1 Near Surface Geophysics & FAR reaching Application https://youtu.be/NGf_Xy0Emoo
2 Engineering Geology Landslide mapping https://youtu.be/yn7dEosVqoY
3 Importance of geological consideration in site selction of Engineering Structure for water resourcec. https://youtu.be/gmWw7Ar0M_U
4 Geological Investigation for Sunkosi storage https://youtu.be/Cw3DqjwFZsY
5 Urban Geology Challenges https://youtu.be/6j9Bt87y3KY
6 Preliminary Geological evaluation of Landslide on Yamunotri highway https://youtu.be/CstTGlWjYjQ
7 Construction stage Geotechnical investigation,Gottimukkala reservoir project,lift irrigation scheme,Nalgonda district, Telangana, https://youtu.be/jmQxcg_IHFA
8 Seismic Hazard studies of Chennai Metropolitan area https://youtu.be/0K0q295fv2E
9 Medical Geology for Societal development and Indian Perspective https://youtu.be/v9wJLVb5P1c
10 Determining Landslide Susceptibility within Kingston & St. Andrews in Jamaica by Krissan Meredith https://youtu.be/qONng8yZl4M
11 Fluvial dynamics in Brahmaputra Valley & Landslides in North East India (Vol.1) https://youtu.be/lIoOy7SdjwQ
12 Fluvial dynamics in Brahmaputra Valley & Landslides in North East India (Vol.2) https://youtu.be/mGMISdervTU
13 Fluvial dynamics in Brahmaputra Valley & Landslides in North East India (Vol.3) https://youtu.be/4nxhvUAJn5g
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