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GSI Reports:GSI was set up in 1851 with the sole aim to locate coal for the railways. Over the years it has expanded its role to undertake elucidation of the geological set up of the country, mineral resource assessment, geo-engineering - geotechnical projects, natural hazard mitigation studies, glaciology, etc. The results of these investigations and surveys are documented in the form of in-house scientific and technical reports...more
Maps and Publication
Map Series:GSI has covered almost all accessible parts of the Indian subcontinent by systematic geological mapping and other specialized geoscientific activities. Different categories of Geologic Maps and Atlases depict this knowledge...more
Publications:The geoscientific data acquired by GSI from various field and laboratory-based studies are disseminated through various categories of publications, viz. Indian Journal of Geosciences, Memoirs, Records, Pal. Indica, Special Publications, Misc. Publications, etc...more
Bhukosh Image
Bhukosh is a Gateway to all geoscientific information of GSI. Visualize, explore and search multi-thematic information pertaining to geological, geophysical, geochemical, seismotectonics, geochronology, meteorite and landslide hazard studies.
Landslide Hazard Studies
Protection of life and properties from landslide disaster is indispensable in creating a safe environment for the society. GSI as the nodal agency for landslide hazard studies has undertaken a National programme on landslide susceptibility mapping - Macro scale (1:50,000) (NLSM) with an aim to cover the 0.42 million sq. km landslide prone areas of the country...more
The “Program 100X100 VAQ enhancement Model” of Geological Survey of India has been initiated to Enhance Visibility, Increase Activity and Enrich Quality of the organisation. The program aims to bring about significant improvement in 14 identified domains with a specific plan to be executed within subsequent periods of 100, 200 and 300 days...more
GSI has a vast network of laboratories spread all over the country engaged in geochemical, mineral characterisation, geotechnical, palynology, geochronology and isotope geology, palaeomagnetism and gemstone studies...more
Virtual Museum
Since inception, the Geological Survey of India started curatorial functions as a support facility to preserve the rocks, minerals, fossils and meteorites collected during field surveys, through exchange and as gift. Curatorial Division, Central Headquarters (CHQ) centrally co-ordinates the country-wide GSI activities on Museum, Geopark and Geological Monuments...more
For any feedback or issues, please write to ocbis.helpdesk@gsi.gov.in Or call IP Phone 10013/10014, BSNL 033-2357-1775
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