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Natural Resource Assessment

Mission II: Natural Resource Assessment

Natural Mineral Resource Assessment
Natural Resource Assessment - Reports

Mineral exploration and mining history of India are closely related to the establishment of Geological Survey of India (GSI). Mineral resource assessment projects include Ferrous Minerals, Base metal, Precious Metals & Minerals, Non-Ferrous and Strategic Minerals and Industrial & Fertilizer Minerals. Mineral prognostication through synthesis of multithematic data forms a critical component of natural resource assessment studies. Lately, GSI has taken an important policy decision of extending its regional exploration work to detail exploration stage in the potential exploration blocks so that comprehensively explored blocks can be offered to the stakeholders for exploitation.

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A Note on Incidence of Vanadium bearing Titanomagnetites in Gulf of Khambat seabed sediments, Gujarat
SOUTHERN REGION26/09/2019Download
Video Conference Meeting with NM-II for FSP finalization of CR,SR,ER & WR, FS. 2020-21-Reg.
CENTRAL REGION23/09/2019Download
REVISED MODALITIES: Formulation Mission-II, Annual Programme for the FS 2020 -21
CENTRAL REGION07/08/2019Download
A Geophysical Approach on The Depth Estimation of Mangeniferous Phyllite, Joldhal Formation, Chitradurga Group, North Kanara District, Karnataka
SOUTHERN REGION27/06/2019Download
Message from the Head, Mission-II, GSI, Nagpur
CENTRAL REGION01/04/2019Download
Video Conference for NM-II Drilling to be held on 29.03.2019
CENTRAL REGION25/03/2019Download
Video Conference for NM-II Geophysics to be held on 27.03.2019
CENTRAL REGION25/03/2019Download
Circular - Commodity wise training NM-II, FS. 2019-20
CENTRAL REGION22/03/2019Download
Schedule of Video Conference Meeting on Mission–II between ADG & NMH-II and Dy.D.G & RMH-II of Regions
CENTRAL REGION13/12/2017Download
Schedule of Video Conference Meeting on Mission–II between ADG & NMH-II and Dy.D.G & RMH-II of Regions
CENTRAL REGION25/10/2017Download
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