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Training And Capacity Building

Mission V: Training And Capacity Building

Training And Capacity Building
Training And Capacity Building - Reports        Training Calendar

The development and effective deployment of human resources is crucial for continued growth, improved performance and achieving programmatic goals for a reputed scientific organization like GSI. GSI Training Institute constantly strives to impart the desired knowledge and field expertise amongst geoscientific officers of all streams of the department as well as from other Central and State Government offices. It is the principal agency for capacity building in earth sciences in India.

Although scientific streams remain in focus, training needs of the personnel engaged in other important activities like administration, finance, material management and drilling are also taken care of. Training programmes have been drawn after assessing the training needs of GSI, state DGMs and other stake holders.

Apart from headquartered at Hyderabad, GSI Training Institute (GSITI) has six Regional Training Institutes (RTI) operational at six Regional Headquarters and twelve Field Training Centers (FTC).

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Approved Nominations for "Basic Course on Field Geochemistry"
SOUTHERN REGION17/09/2019Download
भाभूस प्रशिक्षण संस्थान को नगर राजभाषा कार्यान्वन समिति की ओर से प्रथम राजभाषा पुरस्कार घोषित
SOUTHERN REGION17/09/2019Download
RTD NR: List of approved nomination for Additional Training Course on “Geology for Geophysicists and Chemists” from 23rd to 30th Sept. 2019-reg.
NORTHERN REGION16/09/2019Download
Approved Nominations of “Training on Geology, NGCM sample processing in the field and their geochemical interpretation for the officers of GSI” at RTD, GSI, Nagpur
CENTRAL REGION13/09/2019Download
RTD-ER: Approved Nominations for the training programme Refresher Course on Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing (16-27 Sep 2019, Kolkata)
EASTERN REGION12/09/2019Download
Approved Nominations for training on “Basic Course on Field and Analytical Geochemistry ” at RTD-FTC, WR
WESTERN REGION12/09/2019Download
Approved Nominations for Refresher Course on Mineral Exploration for Gold and Diamond
SOUTHERN REGION11/09/2019Download
Approved nominations for Training on "Basic course on NGCM data Handling, processing and Interpretation"
NORTH-EASTERN REGION11/09/2019Download
Announcement: Basic Course on Field Geochemistry
SOUTHERN REGION09/09/2019Download
Approved Nominations for training on “Course on Geology for Geophysicists and Chemist” at FTC, Zawar
WESTERN REGION09/09/2019Download
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